2 Apr 2006

Sunny Sunday

We had a lovely morning at the Zoo. It was even better because before we left, the washing was on the line and dinner was in the crockpot. We didn't see anything unusual, just had a nice time together.

We came home for naptime (which DD did not do) and then went out again to Ikea.

I had noticed my computer chair was scratching the finish on the floorboards, so needed some kind of mat. We're currently in a rental home, so didn't want to spend much money. The cheapest and most desirable rug in the shop (according to DS) is part of this range, printed with roads and buildings. He took one look and said "Drive cars".

I can now have the kids playing around my feet when I'm on the computer.

The other news of the day is that autumn has actually arrived. It was cool this morning, and only warm when standing in the sun. Taronga Zoo overlooks Sydney Harbour, and the view today was crisp and clear and just astonishing (summer humidity has a haze.) I forget sometimes that we're living in Sydney - we're deep in suburbia, and I don't leave it very often.

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