12 Apr 2006

Preparing for Easter

We've been in a frenzy of excitement this week. We started off on Monday by visiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show (no hotlink - the buttons have mysteriously disappeared.) Pre-children I used to spend time sitting watching the cattle judging. Relaxing, and only a little envy-inducing (being a farmer was one of my dreams.) Then I'd nip up to the fresh food pavilion and find some lunch, then back down to the afternoon session of cattle judging. My how times change. DD whimpered at the sight of a cow, and kept it up as we strolled through the animals. No lingering. Visited the animal nursery, no lingering. So basically we did a circuit of the showground. We paused in the Dairy Cattle pavilion to do some painting on a mural, and stopped to watch some woodchopping, which the kids seemed to enjoy. We also watched some horse judging in the main arena - the kids enjoyed clambering over the seats.

I gave in to my weaker self and we visited the Showbag Hall. Came out with a Better Homes and Gardens bag (me), The Wiggles bag (DS) and the Playschool bag (DD). Each of the kids bags came with a 'box car' which they are enjoying a lot.

On our way out of the Showground, we came across Thomas. Yes, the Tank Engine. Excitement was intense, as we leant on him, climbed in him, just about kissed him, all amidst a scrum of small boys.

Back home for naptime, and the kids were exhausted. Later, DH took over bath and bed times, while I returned to the Show. I had a great time watching the rodeo action in the main ring.

Today we've been making Easter eggs. Some cherry ripe flavour, some hollow and other solid half-eggs. We'll take these with us down the coast for the doting grandparents, packaged in these boxes;

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