1 Apr 2006

Photos of Po, The Jumper and The Sock

Here is a picture of DS and his birthday cake Teletubby Po. The angle shows the deficiencies in my decorating skills, but the smile shows that it doesn't matter.

Next up, DDs jumper, finished! Very exciting, and it fits pretty well too. Actually, I think looking at the photos it could be a bit longer, but it's fine.

Also a picture of the sock. It's going pretty well, and looks nice - and did you notice the pattern? I really like the feel of these needles - they are called Ivore and are made out of milk casein, so are even natural. They feel so nice, I'm going to return the other needles I've bought from Spotlight, and go down to the knitting shop and buy some more of these. (of course, I can't find the receipt, but I'm sure I will...)

I've been feeling pretty bad the last 24 hours - yesterday I had a bad headache from about 1pm. I was also very tired. I went to bed about 9, promptly got up and vomited. Slept badly, and headache still going today. I slept most of the morning (I love my DH) and feel much better now. Only trouble is my limbs hurt - kind of like a bad flu feeling. I trust I'll be better tomorrow - we're going to the Zoo.

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