24 Apr 2006

Mess, Mummy!

As I exited the bathroom this morning (where I had strangely been alone :) ) I heard "Mess, Mummy, Mess! Mess! Mess!" It sure was a mess - muesli all over the hallway, couch, lounge room floor. Sigh. So, I told the cuplrits off , and got out the Noo Noo. We're Teletubbies fans here, so Noo Noo has joined our vocabulary -ours is a lovely purple Dyson, this is the original with his friends.

Next on the agenda was getting dinner organised. I am a big fan of the slow cooker (crockpot) and today we have a mixture of 6 apples, 1 big carrot, 1 red capsicum, 1 onion and 3 pork scotch fillets with a tablespoon of brown sugar. We'll eat it with rice and maybe steamed bok choy. So far, it smells pretty good.

Next, an outing to Ikea. We didn't buy anything except lunch (their yummy meatballs) but tried out lots of different beds, and thought about buying a plastic bag dispenser. Some other time, outside school holidays would be better. Since DS has turned 3, we could leave him to play in their child minding facility. I haven't yet, but probably will soon. We're thinking about moving DD into a bed, but are in no rush. I did find a lovely hanging light that I wanted, which is silly in a rental house. Also very keen on a rainbow tent to go over the top of DS's bed.

That's it for today - can't get the digital camera to work, so no pictures of the current knitting on my needles - jumper for DS, I'm up to the armholes on the back, and it's looking pretty good.

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