27 Apr 2006

Me make a mess Mummy

Yes, again. DS demanded I get the vacuum to clean up the mess. We drag it out to the lounge room, and he has pulled the cushions off the lounge, and found some crumbs underneath (shock! horror! my housecleaning revealed!). DS insisted on cleaning up the mess himself;

We had a special moment at the playground yesterday - the kids were transfixed by the sight of a rainbow. I think it's the first one they've seen outside of books. It was great, too -long, and the colours very strong. Lovely!

The new series of Big Brother has started, and I'm a bit conflicted about watching it. I feel I should have enough going on in my own life not to need to watch idiots interacting. I have heaps of things I could be doing instead, and yet I'm tempted. So far, it's a compromise - I watched the first epsiode, and haven't seen any since.

The only other news is that the knitting is going well, and I finally have a photo to show.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHH...can Lucas please come to my house and do under my cushions too..lol...!! Adorable!

And I am a bit worried that you havent been watching all of Big Brother!! You missed the big announcement by David...although a bit dispapointed here, because he is by far the cutest!..lol..

Anyways! Well done with the knitting! You are doing an awesome job!

P.S I'll be at the airport on Monday at 9 am..please make sure that Master Lucas is there with his Noo-Noo!

Take Care!

Love Nic