4 Apr 2006

Daylight savings bleeugh

Articulate title, isn't it?

The children haven't coped very well with the changeover this time. We're running on 'winter time', but they're cranky and tired and uncoordinated. Yesterday brought unwillingness to leave the house for any reason, so we didn't attend story time, which is usually an adored activity.

Instead, we made corn, ham and cheese scones, and made some Easter egg mobiles. Not that the kids ate the scones, but the wolfed (wolved?) down the ham, cheese and corn before cooking, and had lots of fun mixing and cutting out the shapes. The mobiles aren't real flash, but they are popular (sparkles, Mummy).

The picture of DD is completely gratuitous - she is normally very interested in looking in the back of the camera, so is difficult to take a decent photo of.

Today's main activity was grocery shopping - we travelled around 15 minutes to a Woolworths which is equipped with a lovely playground in the it's shopping centre. We passed probably 7 other Woolies' on the way, but that's beside the point.

This afternoon, after a sleep, the kids played 'shopping' for the first time. I gave them each a 'green bag', and they set off shopping in DDs room. When they returned each bag had an assortment of puzzle pieces, books and some little animals in it. Very cute, and a first for this kind of imaginative play.

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