27 Apr 2006

Me make a mess Mummy

Yes, again. DS demanded I get the vacuum to clean up the mess. We drag it out to the lounge room, and he has pulled the cushions off the lounge, and found some crumbs underneath (shock! horror! my housecleaning revealed!). DS insisted on cleaning up the mess himself;

We had a special moment at the playground yesterday - the kids were transfixed by the sight of a rainbow. I think it's the first one they've seen outside of books. It was great, too -long, and the colours very strong. Lovely!

The new series of Big Brother has started, and I'm a bit conflicted about watching it. I feel I should have enough going on in my own life not to need to watch idiots interacting. I have heaps of things I could be doing instead, and yet I'm tempted. So far, it's a compromise - I watched the first epsiode, and haven't seen any since.

The only other news is that the knitting is going well, and I finally have a photo to show.

24 Apr 2006

Mess, Mummy!

As I exited the bathroom this morning (where I had strangely been alone :) ) I heard "Mess, Mummy, Mess! Mess! Mess!" It sure was a mess - muesli all over the hallway, couch, lounge room floor. Sigh. So, I told the cuplrits off , and got out the Noo Noo. We're Teletubbies fans here, so Noo Noo has joined our vocabulary -ours is a lovely purple Dyson, this is the original with his friends.

Next on the agenda was getting dinner organised. I am a big fan of the slow cooker (crockpot) and today we have a mixture of 6 apples, 1 big carrot, 1 red capsicum, 1 onion and 3 pork scotch fillets with a tablespoon of brown sugar. We'll eat it with rice and maybe steamed bok choy. So far, it smells pretty good.

Next, an outing to Ikea. We didn't buy anything except lunch (their yummy meatballs) but tried out lots of different beds, and thought about buying a plastic bag dispenser. Some other time, outside school holidays would be better. Since DS has turned 3, we could leave him to play in their child minding facility. I haven't yet, but probably will soon. We're thinking about moving DD into a bed, but are in no rush. I did find a lovely hanging light that I wanted, which is silly in a rental house. Also very keen on a rainbow tent to go over the top of DS's bed.

That's it for today - can't get the digital camera to work, so no pictures of the current knitting on my needles - jumper for DS, I'm up to the armholes on the back, and it's looking pretty good.

19 Apr 2006

Too much chocolate....

Yep, Easter is over. Actually, I didn't get all that much chocolate, for which I am truly grateful. Neither did the kids, which is a miracle :) Both got a nice warm dressing gown from my parents, and DH's parents gave some small cars and a Barbie. Our sisters gave some crayons with pencil cases (crayon case?) and some craft things. Great.

DS suffered a nasty gastro type infection over the weekend, and was fairly miserable with it. DD is showing the first symptoms now - I'm really hoping they won't develop further.

I did have all kinds of plans for the weekend, but I don't think any of them happened - didn't even go to church. On the upside, I did get to feel my sister's pregnant-with-twins belly, and heard the heartbeats. I also took an internet break, not logging on from Thursday till Tuesday.

It's currently school holidays here, which means no story time at the Library. This is our main 'kids activity', so we miss it. This morning we did a quick mystery shopping job, then went off to do the grocery shopping. Home for the nap, and then round to the playground till time to pick up DH off the train.

Nope, not exciting. The kids are pretty grumpy at present, so it wasn't even a particularly nice day.

Of course, the day started with a marathon of washing (we'd been away for Easter), and shortly after hanging it out, someone lit a fire nearby. The nice fresh dry clothes have that wood-smoked aroma. Oh well.

12 Apr 2006

Preparing for Easter

We've been in a frenzy of excitement this week. We started off on Monday by visiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show (no hotlink - the buttons have mysteriously disappeared.) Pre-children I used to spend time sitting watching the cattle judging. Relaxing, and only a little envy-inducing (being a farmer was one of my dreams.) Then I'd nip up to the fresh food pavilion and find some lunch, then back down to the afternoon session of cattle judging. My how times change. DD whimpered at the sight of a cow, and kept it up as we strolled through the animals. No lingering. Visited the animal nursery, no lingering. So basically we did a circuit of the showground. We paused in the Dairy Cattle pavilion to do some painting on a mural, and stopped to watch some woodchopping, which the kids seemed to enjoy. We also watched some horse judging in the main arena - the kids enjoyed clambering over the seats.

I gave in to my weaker self and we visited the Showbag Hall. Came out with a Better Homes and Gardens bag (me), The Wiggles bag (DS) and the Playschool bag (DD). Each of the kids bags came with a 'box car' which they are enjoying a lot.

On our way out of the Showground, we came across Thomas. Yes, the Tank Engine. Excitement was intense, as we leant on him, climbed in him, just about kissed him, all amidst a scrum of small boys.

Back home for naptime, and the kids were exhausted. Later, DH took over bath and bed times, while I returned to the Show. I had a great time watching the rodeo action in the main ring.

Today we've been making Easter eggs. Some cherry ripe flavour, some hollow and other solid half-eggs. We'll take these with us down the coast for the doting grandparents, packaged in these boxes;

6 Apr 2006

The winds are here

We've just spent an hour or so in the park, having a picnic lunch and playing in the playground. Autumn has definitely arrived - the winds are here. It's an exciting time, apart from the whole static electricity thing.

It's also exciting, as it means our wedding anniversary is fast approaching. I have one wedding photo where my cathedral length veil is straight up in the air, caught by the wind. This will be 11 years since we were married, mostly happily. As I write that, I can't think of a time I've been unhappy with our relationship since our first babe was born. Doesn't seem to be a special year in terms of gifts - I'll be receiving a memory card for the digital camera, and DH will be receiving a pillow (I think he's jealous of my latex luxury Valentine's Day gift.)

I'm having a little trouble with my new knitting project - rated easy but it's throwing up some issues. I think I've solved the mystery of 'slip three purlwise', but am still struggling with seeing a pattern in navy wool at nighttime. Must be my ageing eyes. This project is a jumper for DS - navy with a couple of red stripes, out of a wool/acrylic blend. I had got up to the armholes on a jumper for him out of a variegated orange acrylic, but I quit. After knitting with wool, I couldn't bear to touch the acrylic yarn. I didn't want wool because of his sensitive skin, but that was just shocking. Actually, I want to be making socks, but I have to wait until Easter for my Mum to show me how to graft the toes.

4 Apr 2006

Daylight savings bleeugh

Articulate title, isn't it?

The children haven't coped very well with the changeover this time. We're running on 'winter time', but they're cranky and tired and uncoordinated. Yesterday brought unwillingness to leave the house for any reason, so we didn't attend story time, which is usually an adored activity.

Instead, we made corn, ham and cheese scones, and made some Easter egg mobiles. Not that the kids ate the scones, but the wolfed (wolved?) down the ham, cheese and corn before cooking, and had lots of fun mixing and cutting out the shapes. The mobiles aren't real flash, but they are popular (sparkles, Mummy).

The picture of DD is completely gratuitous - she is normally very interested in looking in the back of the camera, so is difficult to take a decent photo of.

Today's main activity was grocery shopping - we travelled around 15 minutes to a Woolworths which is equipped with a lovely playground in the it's shopping centre. We passed probably 7 other Woolies' on the way, but that's beside the point.

This afternoon, after a sleep, the kids played 'shopping' for the first time. I gave them each a 'green bag', and they set off shopping in DDs room. When they returned each bag had an assortment of puzzle pieces, books and some little animals in it. Very cute, and a first for this kind of imaginative play.

2 Apr 2006

Sunny Sunday

We had a lovely morning at the Zoo. It was even better because before we left, the washing was on the line and dinner was in the crockpot. We didn't see anything unusual, just had a nice time together.

We came home for naptime (which DD did not do) and then went out again to Ikea.

I had noticed my computer chair was scratching the finish on the floorboards, so needed some kind of mat. We're currently in a rental home, so didn't want to spend much money. The cheapest and most desirable rug in the shop (according to DS) is part of this range, printed with roads and buildings. He took one look and said "Drive cars".

I can now have the kids playing around my feet when I'm on the computer.

The other news of the day is that autumn has actually arrived. It was cool this morning, and only warm when standing in the sun. Taronga Zoo overlooks Sydney Harbour, and the view today was crisp and clear and just astonishing (summer humidity has a haze.) I forget sometimes that we're living in Sydney - we're deep in suburbia, and I don't leave it very often.

1 Apr 2006

Photos of Po, The Jumper and The Sock

Here is a picture of DS and his birthday cake Teletubby Po. The angle shows the deficiencies in my decorating skills, but the smile shows that it doesn't matter.

Next up, DDs jumper, finished! Very exciting, and it fits pretty well too. Actually, I think looking at the photos it could be a bit longer, but it's fine.

Also a picture of the sock. It's going pretty well, and looks nice - and did you notice the pattern? I really like the feel of these needles - they are called Ivore and are made out of milk casein, so are even natural. They feel so nice, I'm going to return the other needles I've bought from Spotlight, and go down to the knitting shop and buy some more of these. (of course, I can't find the receipt, but I'm sure I will...)

I've been feeling pretty bad the last 24 hours - yesterday I had a bad headache from about 1pm. I was also very tired. I went to bed about 9, promptly got up and vomited. Slept badly, and headache still going today. I slept most of the morning (I love my DH) and feel much better now. Only trouble is my limbs hurt - kind of like a bad flu feeling. I trust I'll be better tomorrow - we're going to the Zoo.