12 Mar 2006

Sunday night

We've had some fun this weekend! The kids and I had some fun cooking and decorating cupcakes getting ready for Ma' and Pa's visit.

I'd include a picture, but I've already failed twice to do this, and am on dial-up.

Friday the kids and I went to play at Sydney's Bicentennial Park and then out to dinner with DH and his parents at the Outback Steakhouse. Actually, I think I've outgrown these restaurants. Too much loud music, too big a restaurant, serving sizes too big, and just grease, grease, grease! I probably would have had fun if I was drinking, but we weren't, and I didn't. We raced home, put the kids to bed, and then played a couple of games of Bolivia, at which DH and I triumphed :)

Saturday morning we went factory outlet shopping, then back to Bicentennial Park for a picnic lunch. Back home for a nap, then just hanging out together with each other, including DH's parents, sister and her husband.

This morning, DH took the kids over to his sister's place after breakfast while I stayed home and played with the washing. I rang at 10 to ask what was happening. They all went looking at houses for sale, and then lunch at McDonalds before returning home at 1pm ready for naptime.

So I went shopping. By myself. I tried on clothes, felt lots of different wool, browsed in a bookstore, had a capuccino (decaf, skim milk), and later sushi. What indulgence!

We've had a good afternoon, and I'm about to log off, and go watch CSI with DH while trying to finish knitting the sleeves on DDs jumper.

Conclusion - I need family contact and time to myself. DHs cricket team made it into the finals, so we'll be travelling down the coast again the next weekends - more family time :)

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