3 Mar 2006

mixed feelings...

I've been grumpy the last couple of days. It seems like everything is just too hard. Even getting dinner organised seems too much. I think it's just me adapting to another change (DS' toilet learning maybe.) Maybe, because he's no longer a baby at all.

We are so much slower now getting ready to go anywhere. DS is doing so well, but yesterday while playing with Daddy knicker-free managed to leave a big streak across my freshly washed bed! Then DD managed to take her nappy off, and did a wee in the potty. And I didn't think "What a clever girl" but "Oh no I can't cope with two..."

On the bright side, we are still managing to get out and about, and DS is getting the hang of using public toilets. I just make sure we only make quick trips.

Today is better. There's a curry bubbling away in the slow cooker, where I put it at 8.30 this morning. We've been out to Ikea, where we bought some storage boxes perfect for organising the kids' craft supplies. The kids are asleep in bed (or maybe just reading quietly). Shortly I'll get off the computer, and go and have a cup of tea and maybe try some more knitting.

The knitting is going well - I've finished the back, and made a good start on the next part of the front. But then I realised I'd messed up, some am undoing quite a lot of nice knitting. I'm also finding my fingers are aching - not while I'm knitting, but afterwards and at odd moments during the day. This is a concern.

We aren't going away this weekend - it will be the first weekend we've spent here since moving in during November.

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