23 Mar 2006

Happy birthday sweetheart!

Blogging has taken a back seat in over the last fortnight. It's a combination of being away from home, being tied down to dial-up speeds and being in a house of plague. Nothing nasty, just annoying coughs, body aches and general grumpiness. DD woke herself up from her nap today coughing, and then kept coughing until she vomited phlegm twice, and then vomited all over me. Not nice, poor girl. Remarkably, she was then as bright as a button, and very happy.

This week we have celebrated DS's third birthday. He was very excited about all aspects of his day, from the trainride, to the Aquarium, to the McDonalds lunch, to the cupcake mountain birthday cake. It all reached a pinnacle when reading "Messy" as his bedtime book, and we came to the line "It's my birthday, and these are all my presents". He was stuttering with excitement.

We've had other special moments, too. DS has taken to saying "My little sister..." It's very cute, as he then goes and gives his sister a kiss.

This week we got payTV connected. DH will be excited when he returns to his usual life (currently working away.)

I'll close with a photo of the birthday boy - it's not how he usually looks, but his face is changing right now;

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