9 Mar 2006

Don't worry, be happy

The last week I've been struggling to be happy. I've been cranky with the kids, grumpy with DH, and annoyed with myself. There's no real reason for this, which is why I'm annoyed with myself. Sleeping has also become a real issue for me. I've also been eating like my bad old self.

So, to try to feel better I've been exercising mildly by daily walks to the park, alternately eating healthily and utter garbage-in-the-mouth, and by making sure I keep up with my household routines.

Since my first knitting class was cancelled, we have an extra one scheduled tonight. That's another source of irritation, since I cherish my late night shopping trips (yes, they are solo!) they'll be finished now anyway, since DH has signed up to play soccer this winter. Training is Sunday afternoons, and Thursday nights.

Knitting makes me feel calm, so I'm enjoying it right now. I haven't had any homework to do this week though, since I did everything up to date already. That should change tonight, since we're learning how to make new stitches (I think that was the term, anyway it's on a sleeve.)

My inlaws are coming up tomorrow. They'll stay with us Friday night, and then with my SIL on Saturday night. DH wants to eat out tomorrow night, so I'm hoping we do that quickly enough for bedtime to be as usual. I'm also hoping to get some "Bolivia" in (it's a form of canasta. When living down the coast, we played two nights a week with the inlaws, and I loved it.)

This afternoon we're planning to make little apple cakes for Ma and Pa's visit, and make a trip to the park.

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Nic said...

Hey hun!

I hope that you are back to your normal self soon! Sorry to hear that you are a grumpy bum at the moment (I'm one all the time...lol..poor Jess!) Enjoy your time with the inlaws!!! You'll have to teach us how to play Bolivia one day!!!

All the best!