27 Mar 2006

Back to the big smoke

Home again, and DH gone again.

We had a nice visit down the coast. DS's play party went well, and he was delighted with his cake;

DS now believes pyjamas are what you get as presents when you turn 3. Both grandparents gave him some flannel jamies for winter - one set Elmo, the other striped like the Bananas wear.

DH and I went out for dinner with some friends, while Mum looked after our sleeping children. It's always nice to catch up with friends, and doubly nice when there's no babysitting concerns.

I've been reading about "Use what you have" April, which seems an excellent idea, as I have HEAPS of craft supplies. This didn't stop me from buying a bit more wool today though. It may be time to start being more organised with my creative time. I'd like to have a place to use my sewing machine, without being on the dining table. Theoretically we have room. However, since we're planning to move towards the end of the year it would be silly to buy furniture. On that note, I think a visit to Ikea is indicated - something folding, a trestle or similar would be perfect.

It's my last knitting class tonight, after which you may expect a photo of the completed jumper. It's good to have deadlines for my crafty pursuits, but this removes flexibility. Tomorrow, I expect to do some sewing (because I can, and because I said I would quite a while ago -sorry Tracy and Nicole.)

I'll finish with another picture from the weekend - swimming in the bath

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