27 Mar 2006

Back to the big smoke

Home again, and DH gone again.

We had a nice visit down the coast. DS's play party went well, and he was delighted with his cake;

DS now believes pyjamas are what you get as presents when you turn 3. Both grandparents gave him some flannel jamies for winter - one set Elmo, the other striped like the Bananas wear.

DH and I went out for dinner with some friends, while Mum looked after our sleeping children. It's always nice to catch up with friends, and doubly nice when there's no babysitting concerns.

I've been reading about "Use what you have" April, which seems an excellent idea, as I have HEAPS of craft supplies. This didn't stop me from buying a bit more wool today though. It may be time to start being more organised with my creative time. I'd like to have a place to use my sewing machine, without being on the dining table. Theoretically we have room. However, since we're planning to move towards the end of the year it would be silly to buy furniture. On that note, I think a visit to Ikea is indicated - something folding, a trestle or similar would be perfect.

It's my last knitting class tonight, after which you may expect a photo of the completed jumper. It's good to have deadlines for my crafty pursuits, but this removes flexibility. Tomorrow, I expect to do some sewing (because I can, and because I said I would quite a while ago -sorry Tracy and Nicole.)

I'll finish with another picture from the weekend - swimming in the bath

23 Mar 2006

Happy birthday sweetheart!

Blogging has taken a back seat in over the last fortnight. It's a combination of being away from home, being tied down to dial-up speeds and being in a house of plague. Nothing nasty, just annoying coughs, body aches and general grumpiness. DD woke herself up from her nap today coughing, and then kept coughing until she vomited phlegm twice, and then vomited all over me. Not nice, poor girl. Remarkably, she was then as bright as a button, and very happy.

This week we have celebrated DS's third birthday. He was very excited about all aspects of his day, from the trainride, to the Aquarium, to the McDonalds lunch, to the cupcake mountain birthday cake. It all reached a pinnacle when reading "Messy" as his bedtime book, and we came to the line "It's my birthday, and these are all my presents". He was stuttering with excitement.

We've had other special moments, too. DS has taken to saying "My little sister..." It's very cute, as he then goes and gives his sister a kiss.

This week we got payTV connected. DH will be excited when he returns to his usual life (currently working away.)

I'll close with a photo of the birthday boy - it's not how he usually looks, but his face is changing right now;

12 Mar 2006

Sunday night

We've had some fun this weekend! The kids and I had some fun cooking and decorating cupcakes getting ready for Ma' and Pa's visit.

I'd include a picture, but I've already failed twice to do this, and am on dial-up.

Friday the kids and I went to play at Sydney's Bicentennial Park and then out to dinner with DH and his parents at the Outback Steakhouse. Actually, I think I've outgrown these restaurants. Too much loud music, too big a restaurant, serving sizes too big, and just grease, grease, grease! I probably would have had fun if I was drinking, but we weren't, and I didn't. We raced home, put the kids to bed, and then played a couple of games of Bolivia, at which DH and I triumphed :)

Saturday morning we went factory outlet shopping, then back to Bicentennial Park for a picnic lunch. Back home for a nap, then just hanging out together with each other, including DH's parents, sister and her husband.

This morning, DH took the kids over to his sister's place after breakfast while I stayed home and played with the washing. I rang at 10 to ask what was happening. They all went looking at houses for sale, and then lunch at McDonalds before returning home at 1pm ready for naptime.

So I went shopping. By myself. I tried on clothes, felt lots of different wool, browsed in a bookstore, had a capuccino (decaf, skim milk), and later sushi. What indulgence!

We've had a good afternoon, and I'm about to log off, and go watch CSI with DH while trying to finish knitting the sleeves on DDs jumper.

Conclusion - I need family contact and time to myself. DHs cricket team made it into the finals, so we'll be travelling down the coast again the next weekends - more family time :)

9 Mar 2006

Don't worry, be happy

The last week I've been struggling to be happy. I've been cranky with the kids, grumpy with DH, and annoyed with myself. There's no real reason for this, which is why I'm annoyed with myself. Sleeping has also become a real issue for me. I've also been eating like my bad old self.

So, to try to feel better I've been exercising mildly by daily walks to the park, alternately eating healthily and utter garbage-in-the-mouth, and by making sure I keep up with my household routines.

Since my first knitting class was cancelled, we have an extra one scheduled tonight. That's another source of irritation, since I cherish my late night shopping trips (yes, they are solo!) they'll be finished now anyway, since DH has signed up to play soccer this winter. Training is Sunday afternoons, and Thursday nights.

Knitting makes me feel calm, so I'm enjoying it right now. I haven't had any homework to do this week though, since I did everything up to date already. That should change tonight, since we're learning how to make new stitches (I think that was the term, anyway it's on a sleeve.)

My inlaws are coming up tomorrow. They'll stay with us Friday night, and then with my SIL on Saturday night. DH wants to eat out tomorrow night, so I'm hoping we do that quickly enough for bedtime to be as usual. I'm also hoping to get some "Bolivia" in (it's a form of canasta. When living down the coast, we played two nights a week with the inlaws, and I loved it.)

This afternoon we're planning to make little apple cakes for Ma and Pa's visit, and make a trip to the park.

4 Mar 2006

100 mile diet

I read a small article in the Saturday paper about the one hundred mile diet (not the weight loss type). Basically, you only eat foods grown within 100 miles of you. Lovely thought - imagine all the environmental savings of ridiculous transport miles.

It would be lovely to try this, but (yes, there's always a but) it would take some organisation, some spare cash and some time hanging out at farmer's markets. I've been thinking about it all afternoon.

It's really only an updated version of self sufficiency, I suppose, but still very tempting.

I know myself; I won't do it. It's the same reason I read memoirs about people studying wildlife in the African wilderness, rather than writing one myself.

3 Mar 2006

mixed feelings...

I've been grumpy the last couple of days. It seems like everything is just too hard. Even getting dinner organised seems too much. I think it's just me adapting to another change (DS' toilet learning maybe.) Maybe, because he's no longer a baby at all.

We are so much slower now getting ready to go anywhere. DS is doing so well, but yesterday while playing with Daddy knicker-free managed to leave a big streak across my freshly washed bed! Then DD managed to take her nappy off, and did a wee in the potty. And I didn't think "What a clever girl" but "Oh no I can't cope with two..."

On the bright side, we are still managing to get out and about, and DS is getting the hang of using public toilets. I just make sure we only make quick trips.

Today is better. There's a curry bubbling away in the slow cooker, where I put it at 8.30 this morning. We've been out to Ikea, where we bought some storage boxes perfect for organising the kids' craft supplies. The kids are asleep in bed (or maybe just reading quietly). Shortly I'll get off the computer, and go and have a cup of tea and maybe try some more knitting.

The knitting is going well - I've finished the back, and made a good start on the next part of the front. But then I realised I'd messed up, some am undoing quite a lot of nice knitting. I'm also finding my fingers are aching - not while I'm knitting, but afterwards and at odd moments during the day. This is a concern.

We aren't going away this weekend - it will be the first weekend we've spent here since moving in during November.