6 Feb 2006

Visiting (no, not a visitation)

We've spent the last few weeks down the coast, staying at my parents place. My sister, her husband and son have been visiting from England, as has my other sister from Canberra. We've all been packed into a 3 bedroom home, and doing pretty well.

On the down side, we've been sharing germs. Unpleasant symptoms have affected most digestive systems. It has also been very hot and humid, slowing us all down.

On the up side, fun has been had by everyone. We've been to the beach, the local zoo, been shopping daily (we go through a lot of milk, yoghurt, bread....) all without missing a single naptime. My nephew has taken his first steps, and my son has spoken 4 word sentences.

Speaking of DS, he's also fallen out of bed onto his head, and fallen off the verandah again landing on his head. Fortunately, his landing has been onto carpet, and a pile of long grass, so he's OK.

DH is a little impatient to have his family return, but he's understanding.

Another change has been very little online time. I'm not sure whether to class this as positive or negative - probably positive, but I miss my online communities.

DH and I have returned home. I need to do 2 shopping jobs, and attend my first knitting class, and DH has been home every week, as he is still working. It feels very strange to be here without the kids.

It was my Mum's birthday while we were visiting. I bought her a beautiful silk wrap enhanced with felted wool by Krishna Ellis. She is entranced. The kids and I made her a cake. DS sang along with 'Happy Birthday' for the first time. It was very cute indeed.

We'll be back home in another week, until then...

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