16 Feb 2006

sleepy, but angry

I'm mad tonight. I have been suffering hayfever rather badly the last couple of days, so went off to the chemist today. I told the pharmacist my symptoms, and she recommended some 24 hour tablets. She said they came in boxes of 36, so she splits them and sells in them in packs of 12, which is fair enough. So I spent my $13, took them home and dosed up.

Well, my sneezing has stopped, as has the itchy eyes, but my body is aching, and I'm enormously tired. All afternoon I'm thinking how sick I must be to feel this bad after taking the medication. Tonight I googled the name of the tablets. And yes, they do cause drowsiness.

I'm very angry with that pharmacist, and won't be returning to that shop. Really, when a woman appears with two very small children in tow, do you think.... I think I'll give her 24 hours of sleep? (Well, it would be nice.....) STUPID STUPID STUPID.

I better go to bed.

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