14 Feb 2006

Home sweet home

We're back...back to the "New House" as DS says. It's a relief to be home. The kids aren't waking up near as much during the night. This is probably since they're back in their own rooms, without us. It's been a vicious cycle really - snoring wakes DS up. The more he wakes up, the more tired I get. The more tired I am, the more I snore.

We had a fabulous visit with my family - a special time of everyday family life. This has been a treat, since it's what we miss most with my sister and her family living in England.

During the visit, the local Agricultural Show was on. DS did his first sewing and entered 3 items.

This lovely wallhanging won first prize in the 8 years and under section - very exciting, as he is 2.

He also made a bag, and an apron.

We are very proud.

I attended my first knitting class last night - it went pretty well. We learnt how to cast on, knit, purl, stocking stitch, garter stitch, single rib, double rib and how to cast off. Homework; practise all of the above. Also, I need to buy some more knitting needles, and 4 balls of wool. Our term project is going to be a baby's jumper. I say baby, but up to size 2, which incidentally is the perfect size of my DD.

I have been slowly catching up on the housework, and (much more exciting) catching up with my online groups.

Happy Valentine's Day - I gave DH "Serenity" on DVD and a box of chocolates, and he's giving me a latex pillow :)


Nic said...

Congratulations Lucas on your win at the show!!!! What a little star!!

Leah,saw that you got 10/10 again yesterday!! -Well done!!!!!

Cant wait to see the knitted jumper when its all finished!!!


Leah said...

Thanks, Nic. I'm very excited about knitting... it's so daggy :)