28 Feb 2006

Farewell, summer

It's the last day of summer here today, and the weather is beautiful. We can usually expect lovely warm days still, but less of the dreaded humidity. I think autumn may well be my favourite season - my tan and hayfever fade away together, and I start thinking of cooler times. It'll be time to buy my annual wool slippers soon, and pick a flannel quilt pattern to do over winter.

We've had a very exciting time in the Land of Toddlers - DS is out of daytime nappies. Very exciting - we only started on Thursday, and since then haven't had a nappy on except for sleeping (day and night). I am a committed user of cloth nappies, and it really doesn't bother me having extra washing to do, so I was little surprised at the glee I felt for the sight of a half-full nappy bucket.

My knitting class went well last night, and I am progressing rapidly up the back of the jumper. The digi camera has flat batteries, so no pictures today.

I went to pay the rent today, and was surprised to be told that the agents will no longer be managing the property as of March 14. They still accepted my payment ( I pay in large amounts infrequently as it's a pain to visit the agency.) I'm betting we'll have an inspection shortly after the inspection, though.

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