28 Feb 2006

Farewell, summer

It's the last day of summer here today, and the weather is beautiful. We can usually expect lovely warm days still, but less of the dreaded humidity. I think autumn may well be my favourite season - my tan and hayfever fade away together, and I start thinking of cooler times. It'll be time to buy my annual wool slippers soon, and pick a flannel quilt pattern to do over winter.

We've had a very exciting time in the Land of Toddlers - DS is out of daytime nappies. Very exciting - we only started on Thursday, and since then haven't had a nappy on except for sleeping (day and night). I am a committed user of cloth nappies, and it really doesn't bother me having extra washing to do, so I was little surprised at the glee I felt for the sight of a half-full nappy bucket.

My knitting class went well last night, and I am progressing rapidly up the back of the jumper. The digi camera has flat batteries, so no pictures today.

I went to pay the rent today, and was surprised to be told that the agents will no longer be managing the property as of March 14. They still accepted my payment ( I pay in large amounts infrequently as it's a pain to visit the agency.) I'm betting we'll have an inspection shortly after the inspection, though.

22 Feb 2006


Last night, I finally figured out how to use Bloglines. What a wonderful tool!

21 Feb 2006

Knitting class 2 .... the jumper begins!

Well, I've had my second knitting class, and it is going well. I managed to complete my first week's homework, and now have lots of scarfs for Little People hanging around the house.

Last night in the second class, we started to knit our jumpers. Check this out;

I'm easily impressed, I guess, but wow! I've grown up with my sister fobbing people off by saying "I'll just finish this row..." and now I understand. I was saying it to the kids today. It's actually not ideal knitting around 2 curious toddlers. DD likes to bite the ball of wool, and DS likes to hold the needles with me.

I took the kids to storytime at the library yesterday. It was a new reader, and she was dreadful! She was so busy giving asides to the story, and laughing at the kids antics that the whole thing took an hour. She was also saying things like 'line up in 2 nice straight lines... oh no I've changed my mind... sit down and cross your arms.." This will not work with pre-school children. I know from experience, that waffling and changing plans doesn't work with high school children either. In fact, I think she was just useless at the task. Hopefully, things will improve next week. (we attend a different library on Thursdays, where things are always well done.)

I'll leave you with a photo of the kids and a large stuffed Lindt reindeer that I won;

16 Feb 2006

sleepy, but angry

I'm mad tonight. I have been suffering hayfever rather badly the last couple of days, so went off to the chemist today. I told the pharmacist my symptoms, and she recommended some 24 hour tablets. She said they came in boxes of 36, so she splits them and sells in them in packs of 12, which is fair enough. So I spent my $13, took them home and dosed up.

Well, my sneezing has stopped, as has the itchy eyes, but my body is aching, and I'm enormously tired. All afternoon I'm thinking how sick I must be to feel this bad after taking the medication. Tonight I googled the name of the tablets. And yes, they do cause drowsiness.

I'm very angry with that pharmacist, and won't be returning to that shop. Really, when a woman appears with two very small children in tow, do you think.... I think I'll give her 24 hours of sleep? (Well, it would be nice.....) STUPID STUPID STUPID.

I better go to bed.

14 Feb 2006

Home sweet home

We're back...back to the "New House" as DS says. It's a relief to be home. The kids aren't waking up near as much during the night. This is probably since they're back in their own rooms, without us. It's been a vicious cycle really - snoring wakes DS up. The more he wakes up, the more tired I get. The more tired I am, the more I snore.

We had a fabulous visit with my family - a special time of everyday family life. This has been a treat, since it's what we miss most with my sister and her family living in England.

During the visit, the local Agricultural Show was on. DS did his first sewing and entered 3 items.

This lovely wallhanging won first prize in the 8 years and under section - very exciting, as he is 2.

He also made a bag, and an apron.

We are very proud.

I attended my first knitting class last night - it went pretty well. We learnt how to cast on, knit, purl, stocking stitch, garter stitch, single rib, double rib and how to cast off. Homework; practise all of the above. Also, I need to buy some more knitting needles, and 4 balls of wool. Our term project is going to be a baby's jumper. I say baby, but up to size 2, which incidentally is the perfect size of my DD.

I have been slowly catching up on the housework, and (much more exciting) catching up with my online groups.

Happy Valentine's Day - I gave DH "Serenity" on DVD and a box of chocolates, and he's giving me a latex pillow :)

6 Feb 2006

Visiting (no, not a visitation)

We've spent the last few weeks down the coast, staying at my parents place. My sister, her husband and son have been visiting from England, as has my other sister from Canberra. We've all been packed into a 3 bedroom home, and doing pretty well.

On the down side, we've been sharing germs. Unpleasant symptoms have affected most digestive systems. It has also been very hot and humid, slowing us all down.

On the up side, fun has been had by everyone. We've been to the beach, the local zoo, been shopping daily (we go through a lot of milk, yoghurt, bread....) all without missing a single naptime. My nephew has taken his first steps, and my son has spoken 4 word sentences.

Speaking of DS, he's also fallen out of bed onto his head, and fallen off the verandah again landing on his head. Fortunately, his landing has been onto carpet, and a pile of long grass, so he's OK.

DH is a little impatient to have his family return, but he's understanding.

Another change has been very little online time. I'm not sure whether to class this as positive or negative - probably positive, but I miss my online communities.

DH and I have returned home. I need to do 2 shopping jobs, and attend my first knitting class, and DH has been home every week, as he is still working. It feels very strange to be here without the kids.

It was my Mum's birthday while we were visiting. I bought her a beautiful silk wrap enhanced with felted wool by Krishna Ellis. She is entranced. The kids and I made her a cake. DS sang along with 'Happy Birthday' for the first time. It was very cute indeed.

We'll be back home in another week, until then...