4 Jan 2006

A very unsettled night, so a fairly dreary day today.

DS woke at 12.30, wanted milk, story, and back to bed by one. DD woke at 3.30, wanted to cry. Cried. Resettled in bed. Cried. 4.15 gave in, and took her into our bed. She jumped around and giggled for an hour, put back in her cot. Cried. Slept around 5.30. During her jumping around, DD managed to head butt me in the forehead. We have matching bruises - ain't that sweet :)

Actually, the kids were surprisingly happy today. Just as well. They also had good naps again.

We moved in November, and today I discovered that Australia Post decided to stop our mail redirection. Grrrr. I had paid for 12 months. I have to ring back between 8 and 9am to sort it out, apparently.

I received my first prize of the New Year today - a DVD pack. Exciting, particularly since it was a 25 words or less comp. Not exciting, since I already have a copy of the DVD.

Tonight it bin night, so I'll be able to declutter tomorrow. These decluttering urges come courtesy of Flylady. I've been trying to FLY for a couple of years now, but it's finally coming together, I think.

No craft today, but we have a project planned for tomorrow - we're making robots. Maybe I can get away with not using glitter.....

I spent probably an hour today working on my current stitchery. I'm making Christmas ornaments for each of the children, and am a little behind. One's done, and I'm probably about a third of the way through the second (just the embroidery - haven't put them together yet) I'm sick of it, and am looking through my magazines for the perfect bag pattern - I've bought the fabric and am keen to start. Also came across an article on braided rugs - also very tempting. Wonder where I can buy checked hessian?????

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