12 Jan 2006


More humidity. Only made it to 30 degrees here though, so we weren't too uncomfortable. My major project for the day was clearing the dining room table. I know it sounds minor, but it really is a major clutter attractor. It's not completely done - I got distracted by what I found there, but it's so much better than it was.

One of the things on the table was a digital camera. I won it last year, and put it aside for a gift. Well, that became unnecessary and when I read the box, I discovered it actually has more pixel power than ours, so I decided to keep it. I left it on the table after lunch, and when I went back to get it there were fingerprints all over the lens, and an incriminating video recorded on it. My darling boy had captured himself beautifully peering into the lens - made me laugh like a hyena.

Toilet learning is slowing down - I discovered DS wants to wear his knickers on the potty, which is a bit beside the point.

We're off down the coast again tomorrow. This weekend I hope to catch up with my best friend (and let our kids play together) and sew on the binding on my DDs birth quilt (yes she is 18 months old now - what about it?)

It's my sister's birthday today and she is still far away in England, but getting excited about coming home for a holiday - only 11 days now she tells me :)

Better go and pack...

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