22 Jan 2006

showing off

Get ready to be amazed.

Firstly, my DDs birth quilt;

It was machine pieced out of six inch squares, and hand quilted. The fabrics are mainly by Robyn Pandolph, and it is backed with beige quilters flannel, so it is soft and cuddly as well as pretty.

I completed another project this weekend - an iPouch. My iPod's headphones become hopelessly tangled with the other things in my handbag, so I made this little pouch for it. The pouch is dupion silk bound with Liberty print cotton.

I feel very organised now - nope, it doesn't take much.

We spent the weekend down the coast again, and managed to have dinner out with friends. My wonderful Mother stayed home with the kids, and Dh and I had a good time.

That's it for now - I want to have time to have relax before bed.

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