3 Jan 2006

returning to normality

Today went well!!

DH returned to work, and the children and I had a good day. We went shopping this morning, looking for some new sheets in the sales (too expensive) and some comping groceries (success, and entered already!) We took a break at 'Donalds', where the children shared a blueberry muffin and an apple juice, and had fun in the playground.

Returned home in good time for lunch (vegemite sandwiches) and had time for a spot of 'Make' (craft) before nap time. We made birds - pompoms for bodies, googly eyes, glittery paper wings, and stuck on a paddlepop stick. Both kids delighted. I can see I'll have to start thinking about our craft a bit earlier, or we'll be making an awful lot of birds.

On the topic of birds, in the Christmas crackers of 2005, we each recived a bird kit. I made mine up, and this lovely little galah has joined our family;
This bird was based on mollychicken's festive birds design.

Both children had a good sleep today - which they and I are always happy about. Later, we went down to the shops to visit the post office (closed), the real estate agent (closed) and library (closed). So we visited the bookshop, and had a play in the park while waiting for DH to return off the train.

I'm feeling the need to declutter my house, but the bin is full....

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