5 Jan 2006

Rainy day

How nice to finish the day with a festival of blogs! Virtually every blog that I read has been updated today. Most are crafty, and the best are about being crafty while dealing with other things e.g. children (one of my preoccupations.)

It has been a rainy, darkish day here, making cloth nappies a bit of a pain. Washing's no big deal, but drying without the sunshine is.

We cocooned all day, drank all the milk, cooked vegemite scrolls (which noone ate) but had a pretty good day, really.

Tomorrow we are going down the coast on our usual weekend trip. We stay with my folks, DH plays cricket, and the kids see both sets of their grandparents. It also helps reduce my 'net time - no bad thing for my craft time.

Another win today - tickets for a tour of the Olympic Stadium. Should be interesting.

I indulged in a little late night shopping tonight - some late presents (for my sis and her family who are visiting from the UK in about a fortnight) and a cushion that would have been a perfect present for me. Unfortunately, I discovered a hole in it whilst showing DH, so it will have to be returned.

No craft today, but decluttering like crazy :) We also discovered a new indoor game - it's called "RUN down the hallway". Fun for the whole family.

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