17 Jan 2006

Rainy Day Zoo

We visited the Zoo today, the first use of our new ZooFriends membership. The forecast was for occasional showers, which sounded all right. Rain the whole way there, but when we arrived it had stopped and was just grey and humid. Perfect Zoo visiting weather.

Highlights of the visit include; giraffes (the kids were very impressed)

I enjoyed looking at the permaculture exhibition garden, and seeing the new elephant enclosure, not that the residents have arrived yet. I'm also wondering what will be built in the old elephant area.

It was reaching 12 and I was just thinking it was time to go home when the heavens opened. Thunder, pelting rain - we retreated to the new food court and had a surprisingly nice lunch (stir fried to order flat rice noodles, chicken, malaysian peanut sauce and veges for me, and fried rice for the kids.) I was hoping the rain would stop while we ate, but no. So we ran up the hill (hill may be an understatement) back to the car, and drove home, ready for our naps.

Nap time was a perfect chance to get started on my new sudoko book - I'm just beginning to get into these puzzles, and find I do them best without the kids.

Another image from the zoo visit - DD likes to hold hands :)

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