18 Jan 2006

Laundry triumph!

Another rainy day.. but on the upside, I finally managed to catch up with our laundry, which has been piling up since our weekend away.

We went shopping this morning. Last week I realised we hadn't added any pictures to our photo albums since May last year. This morning, I took a CD of images down to Big W, and printed out 75. The album is now far more respectable - pictures are in, if not labelled.

I also bought some wool and knitting needles in preparation for my evening class - only a couple more weeks to go.

We stopped for morning tea at McDonalds, to take advantage of their playground. There was a little girl playing there who hit DS twice, so we didn't stay long (yes, I did tell her off - BOTH times!)

We also bought chocolate chips, in preparation for our biscuit making activities this afternoon - the kids love to cook. We get all decked out in our aprons, and they stand on stools, and basically just play in the kitchen sink. Anyway, the chocolate was needed because our supplies in the pantry had seized (I think that's the right word) - gone all dry and chalky, apparently happens as a result of extreme heat.

I managed two more Sudoko puzzles successfully, and decided on my next sewing project. I am enjoying using my new handbag, but my iPod gets tangled up in the bottom of it. Clearly, a Pod Pouch is needed. I'll plan (and hopefully sew) it during nap time tomorrow.

No wins so far this week, but I remain optimistic!

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Prof. Me said...

Ooooh, Leah! Make an iPod pouch for me, too! Mine is always tangled at the bottom of my bag, smashed between books, or all wiry on my desk.

I had no idea you were so creative. Amazing! I wish I was -- my parents are creative beyond belief, but sadly little of it has passed to me. (The only thing I know I inherited is my mother's type-like handwriting -- she and I refer to it as our "font!")

Hope you're having a great day in the sunny heat. Think of your midwestern friend who is waiting for a snowstorm (really).