11 Jan 2006


Sigh... it's been very hot and humid here. When I got up this morning (at ten past six) it was 29 degrees and 79% humidity in our kitchen. It only got worse. But fortunately, we had a lovely storm, and have been fairly cool ever since. Yesterday was also shocking. During heat, I don't sew, and can barely bring myself to read.

Today, we indulged in some craft. This time it was cards, which were immediately posted off to the grandparents. Here are the crafty kids in action;

The toilet training of my darling boy took a big step today - 2 stickers were awarded for use of the potty. He did want to put his nappy back on afterwards, but it's progress :)

I did a mystery shopping job this morning, and then we went and spent the rest of the morning in a large airconditioned shopping centre. Spent surprisingly little money, but did get a new book - "The Big Twitch" about a man's birdwatching year - very enjoyable so far.

Last night I made the decision re my crafty classes - knitting is on, Baltimore quilt off. I enrolled immediately online, so no second thoughts.

We spent some time looking through photo albums today, and I realised we haven't added any photos since April last year - better get my digitals printed and in the book fast.

Better go - we're having a thunderstorm

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