8 Jan 2006

back from the country

We had a nice weekend down the coast. DH duly played cricket, and the kids duly played with 4 grandparents.

I managed to get some serious crafting time in, and managed to finish a bag that I started quite some time ago. The bag was bought as a kit from Piccaninnee Patchwork at a craft show, and is now all loaded up as my handbag. Here 'tis;
In the second photo you can just get a glimpse of one of the pockets I added. Two internal pockets, one for phone and one for keys make a handbag much more functional.

DH was surprised when I loaded it up with my stuff, thinking I was going to give it away. Nope, this is for me. I don't need to look professional, so I can use whatever bag I want.

The other exciting part of the weekend was being given a family heirloom - my great Auntie Ess' cooking book. She was a renowned in our family as a cook, had done courses in cookery, and cooked for her guest house. The opening page has recipes for Cinnamon Biscuits, Nut Bread, Rose Cake and Kisses. Very exciting times in the kitchen ahead, I can see.

I'm currently tossing up between two options of crafty classes;

1. Baltimore Quilt class. One four hour class per month Feb-Oct. Applique is slow, but Baltimore quilts are lovely. Socially, I won't get so much for my money, I wouldn't think.

2. Knitting class. Two hour class per week. It would be easier to knit with other people than just with my sister who mainly lives on the other side of the world. Socially, I expect it would be more useful.

3. Previously unthought of; Do both.

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