22 Jan 2006

showing off

Get ready to be amazed.

Firstly, my DDs birth quilt;

It was machine pieced out of six inch squares, and hand quilted. The fabrics are mainly by Robyn Pandolph, and it is backed with beige quilters flannel, so it is soft and cuddly as well as pretty.

I completed another project this weekend - an iPouch. My iPod's headphones become hopelessly tangled with the other things in my handbag, so I made this little pouch for it. The pouch is dupion silk bound with Liberty print cotton.

I feel very organised now - nope, it doesn't take much.

We spent the weekend down the coast again, and managed to have dinner out with friends. My wonderful Mother stayed home with the kids, and Dh and I had a good time.

That's it for now - I want to have time to have relax before bed.

18 Jan 2006

Laundry triumph!

Another rainy day.. but on the upside, I finally managed to catch up with our laundry, which has been piling up since our weekend away.

We went shopping this morning. Last week I realised we hadn't added any pictures to our photo albums since May last year. This morning, I took a CD of images down to Big W, and printed out 75. The album is now far more respectable - pictures are in, if not labelled.

I also bought some wool and knitting needles in preparation for my evening class - only a couple more weeks to go.

We stopped for morning tea at McDonalds, to take advantage of their playground. There was a little girl playing there who hit DS twice, so we didn't stay long (yes, I did tell her off - BOTH times!)

We also bought chocolate chips, in preparation for our biscuit making activities this afternoon - the kids love to cook. We get all decked out in our aprons, and they stand on stools, and basically just play in the kitchen sink. Anyway, the chocolate was needed because our supplies in the pantry had seized (I think that's the right word) - gone all dry and chalky, apparently happens as a result of extreme heat.

I managed two more Sudoko puzzles successfully, and decided on my next sewing project. I am enjoying using my new handbag, but my iPod gets tangled up in the bottom of it. Clearly, a Pod Pouch is needed. I'll plan (and hopefully sew) it during nap time tomorrow.

No wins so far this week, but I remain optimistic!

17 Jan 2006

Rainy Day Zoo

We visited the Zoo today, the first use of our new ZooFriends membership. The forecast was for occasional showers, which sounded all right. Rain the whole way there, but when we arrived it had stopped and was just grey and humid. Perfect Zoo visiting weather.

Highlights of the visit include; giraffes (the kids were very impressed)

I enjoyed looking at the permaculture exhibition garden, and seeing the new elephant enclosure, not that the residents have arrived yet. I'm also wondering what will be built in the old elephant area.

It was reaching 12 and I was just thinking it was time to go home when the heavens opened. Thunder, pelting rain - we retreated to the new food court and had a surprisingly nice lunch (stir fried to order flat rice noodles, chicken, malaysian peanut sauce and veges for me, and fried rice for the kids.) I was hoping the rain would stop while we ate, but no. So we ran up the hill (hill may be an understatement) back to the car, and drove home, ready for our naps.

Nap time was a perfect chance to get started on my new sudoko book - I'm just beginning to get into these puzzles, and find I do them best without the kids.

Another image from the zoo visit - DD likes to hold hands :)

15 Jan 2006

Home again...

We're back. It certainly adds a certain rhythm to my life, these weekly visits away. I'm not sure how long I will want to do it for, but for now it works for us.

Exciting mail waiting for us; I joined our family up in the Taronga Zoo ZooFriends last week, and the membership passes were waiting in the letterbox, along with their latest magazine. In the enclosed calendar, there is a picnic night coming up on Wednesday. I'm not sure if we'll attend, mainly due to bedtime being 7pm, and the zoo being around 30 minutes away. In any case, we'll certainly be visiting the Zoo this week - there are snow leopard cubs to be seen :)

This weekend I managed to complete my DD's baby quilt. I forgot to take a photo though, so you'll have to wait until next week. It's the local Agricultural Show in a few weeks, so I'll be entering it in that, after which DD may use her quilt.

12 Jan 2006


More humidity. Only made it to 30 degrees here though, so we weren't too uncomfortable. My major project for the day was clearing the dining room table. I know it sounds minor, but it really is a major clutter attractor. It's not completely done - I got distracted by what I found there, but it's so much better than it was.

One of the things on the table was a digital camera. I won it last year, and put it aside for a gift. Well, that became unnecessary and when I read the box, I discovered it actually has more pixel power than ours, so I decided to keep it. I left it on the table after lunch, and when I went back to get it there were fingerprints all over the lens, and an incriminating video recorded on it. My darling boy had captured himself beautifully peering into the lens - made me laugh like a hyena.

Toilet learning is slowing down - I discovered DS wants to wear his knickers on the potty, which is a bit beside the point.

We're off down the coast again tomorrow. This weekend I hope to catch up with my best friend (and let our kids play together) and sew on the binding on my DDs birth quilt (yes she is 18 months old now - what about it?)

It's my sister's birthday today and she is still far away in England, but getting excited about coming home for a holiday - only 11 days now she tells me :)

Better go and pack...

11 Jan 2006


Sigh... it's been very hot and humid here. When I got up this morning (at ten past six) it was 29 degrees and 79% humidity in our kitchen. It only got worse. But fortunately, we had a lovely storm, and have been fairly cool ever since. Yesterday was also shocking. During heat, I don't sew, and can barely bring myself to read.

Today, we indulged in some craft. This time it was cards, which were immediately posted off to the grandparents. Here are the crafty kids in action;

The toilet training of my darling boy took a big step today - 2 stickers were awarded for use of the potty. He did want to put his nappy back on afterwards, but it's progress :)

I did a mystery shopping job this morning, and then we went and spent the rest of the morning in a large airconditioned shopping centre. Spent surprisingly little money, but did get a new book - "The Big Twitch" about a man's birdwatching year - very enjoyable so far.

Last night I made the decision re my crafty classes - knitting is on, Baltimore quilt off. I enrolled immediately online, so no second thoughts.

We spent some time looking through photo albums today, and I realised we haven't added any photos since April last year - better get my digitals printed and in the book fast.

Better go - we're having a thunderstorm

8 Jan 2006

back from the country

We had a nice weekend down the coast. DH duly played cricket, and the kids duly played with 4 grandparents.

I managed to get some serious crafting time in, and managed to finish a bag that I started quite some time ago. The bag was bought as a kit from Piccaninnee Patchwork at a craft show, and is now all loaded up as my handbag. Here 'tis;
In the second photo you can just get a glimpse of one of the pockets I added. Two internal pockets, one for phone and one for keys make a handbag much more functional.

DH was surprised when I loaded it up with my stuff, thinking I was going to give it away. Nope, this is for me. I don't need to look professional, so I can use whatever bag I want.

The other exciting part of the weekend was being given a family heirloom - my great Auntie Ess' cooking book. She was a renowned in our family as a cook, had done courses in cookery, and cooked for her guest house. The opening page has recipes for Cinnamon Biscuits, Nut Bread, Rose Cake and Kisses. Very exciting times in the kitchen ahead, I can see.

I'm currently tossing up between two options of crafty classes;

1. Baltimore Quilt class. One four hour class per month Feb-Oct. Applique is slow, but Baltimore quilts are lovely. Socially, I won't get so much for my money, I wouldn't think.

2. Knitting class. Two hour class per week. It would be easier to knit with other people than just with my sister who mainly lives on the other side of the world. Socially, I expect it would be more useful.

3. Previously unthought of; Do both.

5 Jan 2006

Rainy day

How nice to finish the day with a festival of blogs! Virtually every blog that I read has been updated today. Most are crafty, and the best are about being crafty while dealing with other things e.g. children (one of my preoccupations.)

It has been a rainy, darkish day here, making cloth nappies a bit of a pain. Washing's no big deal, but drying without the sunshine is.

We cocooned all day, drank all the milk, cooked vegemite scrolls (which noone ate) but had a pretty good day, really.

Tomorrow we are going down the coast on our usual weekend trip. We stay with my folks, DH plays cricket, and the kids see both sets of their grandparents. It also helps reduce my 'net time - no bad thing for my craft time.

Another win today - tickets for a tour of the Olympic Stadium. Should be interesting.

I indulged in a little late night shopping tonight - some late presents (for my sis and her family who are visiting from the UK in about a fortnight) and a cushion that would have been a perfect present for me. Unfortunately, I discovered a hole in it whilst showing DH, so it will have to be returned.

No craft today, but decluttering like crazy :) We also discovered a new indoor game - it's called "RUN down the hallway". Fun for the whole family.

4 Jan 2006

A very unsettled night, so a fairly dreary day today.

DS woke at 12.30, wanted milk, story, and back to bed by one. DD woke at 3.30, wanted to cry. Cried. Resettled in bed. Cried. 4.15 gave in, and took her into our bed. She jumped around and giggled for an hour, put back in her cot. Cried. Slept around 5.30. During her jumping around, DD managed to head butt me in the forehead. We have matching bruises - ain't that sweet :)

Actually, the kids were surprisingly happy today. Just as well. They also had good naps again.

We moved in November, and today I discovered that Australia Post decided to stop our mail redirection. Grrrr. I had paid for 12 months. I have to ring back between 8 and 9am to sort it out, apparently.

I received my first prize of the New Year today - a DVD pack. Exciting, particularly since it was a 25 words or less comp. Not exciting, since I already have a copy of the DVD.

Tonight it bin night, so I'll be able to declutter tomorrow. These decluttering urges come courtesy of Flylady. I've been trying to FLY for a couple of years now, but it's finally coming together, I think.

No craft today, but we have a project planned for tomorrow - we're making robots. Maybe I can get away with not using glitter.....

I spent probably an hour today working on my current stitchery. I'm making Christmas ornaments for each of the children, and am a little behind. One's done, and I'm probably about a third of the way through the second (just the embroidery - haven't put them together yet) I'm sick of it, and am looking through my magazines for the perfect bag pattern - I've bought the fabric and am keen to start. Also came across an article on braided rugs - also very tempting. Wonder where I can buy checked hessian?????

3 Jan 2006

returning to normality

Today went well!!

DH returned to work, and the children and I had a good day. We went shopping this morning, looking for some new sheets in the sales (too expensive) and some comping groceries (success, and entered already!) We took a break at 'Donalds', where the children shared a blueberry muffin and an apple juice, and had fun in the playground.

Returned home in good time for lunch (vegemite sandwiches) and had time for a spot of 'Make' (craft) before nap time. We made birds - pompoms for bodies, googly eyes, glittery paper wings, and stuck on a paddlepop stick. Both kids delighted. I can see I'll have to start thinking about our craft a bit earlier, or we'll be making an awful lot of birds.

On the topic of birds, in the Christmas crackers of 2005, we each recived a bird kit. I made mine up, and this lovely little galah has joined our family;
This bird was based on mollychicken's festive birds design.

Both children had a good sleep today - which they and I are always happy about. Later, we went down to the shops to visit the post office (closed), the real estate agent (closed) and library (closed). So we visited the bookshop, and had a play in the park while waiting for DH to return off the train.

I'm feeling the need to declutter my house, but the bin is full....

2 Jan 2006

and welcome....

Welcome to 2006.

I'm ditching resolutions this year, but going with goals instead.

In no particular order,
* shed clutter from my life, my body, my mind and my house. I'm not looking for a complete change, just refining what I've got.
* make more time to be creative
* join a playgroup
* remove the ants from my house
* toilet train my son (currently 2)
* make a Baltimore quilt

That's probably enough. Oh, nearly forgot - I'm also going to learn to knit.

The cast in my blog;
Me (34, SAHM, interested in wildlife, quilting and comping)
DH (35)
DS (2) DD (1)