24 Jul 2014

Our Frozen Party

Disney's movie Frozen has been a big hit in our house. We can all sing "Let It Go" at the drop of a hat, and most of the other songs too. My favourite is Cowboys smell better than Reindeer, which scans, drives my children wild with the inaccuracy, and encourages me to think fondly of cowboys. All good things.

It was an obvious and pretty theme for my daughter's recent birthday party. She was hesitant at first, thinking it a little childish, but when her friends also could sing along knew it was a cool choice.

Pinterest was a great help with sourcing ideas, and the party went well.

The games included ballon racing. A little tricky to hold a balloon with your knees when wearing a complete princess costume but they managed it.

We also had a challenge of carrying smarties with the help of a straw, and a version of The Chocolate Game.

I was thrilled when the birthday girl requested a pavlova for her cake - simple to make AND decorate. And super delicious.

I enjoyed decorating for the party. One of the best things I saw on Pinterest was making a frozen hollow globe of ice as a candle holder. It turned out to be trickier than the description of just freezing a balloon of water and draining out the excess. The first few either froze completely through, or cracked when I tried to drain the centre. After this, I inserted one balloon inside another, which was quite simple by rolling the inner balloon. I then blew up the inner balloon and tied it off. Then I filled the outer balloon with water, and tied it off. It froze well, and it was very easy to remove the balloons at party time.

The downside of all this was that the freezer was full of balloons! We put them in the front garden, and some of the solid globes lasted three whole days in our wintery weather. Oh, and the candles weren't protected enough from the wind by the icy sides and blew out pretty much straight away.

And a happy face like this makes it all worthwhile.

14 Jul 2014

Term break

Nine weeks later, I find myself returning to this blog. It feels like I've missed an entire term. There have been lots of blogworthy events, but I've been  absent.  I'll catch up on the ig highlights over the next week.

For the meantime, the children have enjoyed their first week of school holidays.  We've been down the coast for a few days to stay with my parents, and go whalewatching.

Home for a couple of days, a double playdate (the horror!) and then all of us to Sydney. My main priority was the Quilt Show, which was great.

We also spent the day at Taronga Zoo, and a morning at IKEA.

Now we're home, much to the relief of the cat.

Ideally, we'll finally get this room swapping finished before school returns.

7 May 2014

Autumn is here

All over 

our unkempt garden
 are pieces of red.
  It's nice.

5 May 2014

Of homework and hankies

Our son has started receiving online homework - which seems like a great idea. Can't be lost, easy to access etc. There's a chat type option, so the class members can email each other. It's fairly slow, since their typing is fairly slow. Still.

It's reminded me of all those child internet safety guidelines - keeping the computer in a public place, and so on. Our computer lives in the 4th bedroom of our home, sharing the space with the sewing room, and general home office things.

So, we're rearranging. There's no longer going to be a dedicated sewing space, but I'll be putting all my crafting supplies into the wardrobe of this 4th room. We're removing extra cupboards out of this room, along with the computer desk, sewing table and maybe the filing cabinet.

The family room currently contains 2 large bookcases, a couch, and our gaming systems and tv. We're getting rid of the couch (since it won't fit down the hallway anyway) and moving all the rest into the 4th room.

We've also acquired a daybed with trundle which will serve as a couch for gaming/DVD watching and as spare bedding space.

It's such a big job, with so many steps. Ideally, I'd like to paint the bedroom while it's empty. I'd also like to be done by the time I start my block of work, in around 3 weeks time.

I'm trying to declutter and organise as I'm moving stuff, but it's taking time. And lots of mental and physical energy. Last week I was so annoyed with the whole process that I was driven to rationalise my underwear drawers. (Quick, useful, achievable task!).

In and under the drawers were some of my handkerchief collection, most of which I inherited from my Mama. I washed them all up on the weekend, and then they served very nicely as a calming down task for a grumpy child. Who asked if they could it again, next time they're grumpy.

And that's how my children's school homework policy has led to this lovely stack of freshly ironed hankies.